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The Technical Speculator is a straight forward, independent financial review of major world equity markets, commodities and currencies using technical analysis and macroeconomics for both the professional and private investor written by one of Canada's foremost technical analyst.

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With the FOMC's hint of another interest rate increase coming in June, the U.S. dollar has broken-out and most commodities have halted their upward trend.

The market research from the Technical Speculator is available in two publications.  The first is the monthly newsletter.  This online 12-14 page journal will be produced 11 times per year and covers the four markets; currencies, commodities, bonds and equities.   This publication offers a broader coverage and is useful to those who require a more professional approach to their investing information.  The annual cost is $120.00 plus applicable taxes.

The second report will cover the TS Model Growth Portfolio.  This theoretical stock and exchange traded fund (ETF) is a combination of CDN and USD securities and typically holds 14-16 securities.  
The Portfolio utilize a top-down, relative strength format based on the business cycle. The Portfolio is long-term in its investment approach. Since inception in mid-2003, the Portfolio has averaged over 10% per year.  

All performance numbers are based on security returns before dividends. Reinvesting the dividends would add additional 2% to 3% to the total return.

Performance numbers for the Canadian-dollar portfolio have been:
2003  - +23.84%
2004  - +29.19%
2005  - +49.59%
2006  - +28.79%
2007  - (2.81%)
2008  - (20.46%)
2009 - +22.27%
2010 - +3.47%
2011 - (5.64%)
2012 - (0.17%)
2013 - 1.95%
2014 - (2.71%) The CDN and U.S. Portfolios merged into one portfolio

Performance numbers for the U.S.-dollar portfolio have been:
2003  - +21.90%
2004  - +20.47%
2005  - +23.32%
2006  - +31.19%
2007  - +16.25%
2008  - (10.97%)
2009 - +37.90%
2010 - (3.46%)
2011 - (20.53%)
2012 - (6.72%)
2013 - 44.29%
2014 - (2.71%) the CDN and U.S. Portfolios merged into one portfolio
2015 - combined (-2.19%)

The 12-year average has been 12.10%.
The 12-year average of the S&P 500 is 11.12%.

The two portfolios (CDN and USD portfolios) have merged together on January 1, 2014.  All performance numbers going forward will be on the new merged TS Model Growth Portfolio.

The TS Model Portfolio provide 11 monthly reports per year plus email alerts prior to all changes.   Go to the TS Model Growth Portfolio tab on the right-hand side of this page for more information and a sample report. The annual cost is $105.00 plus applicable taxes.  

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