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The August 2015 Newsletter and TS Model Growth Portfolio has now been posted

Topics in this month's research report are; Commodities: Many new lows expected in Q3, International Equities: Short-term stalling in Q3, U.S. & Canadian Equities: Flattening trend

This page is the first of the 13-page August newsletter.

Additional research is on the new downside target of WTI, gold's continued decline and where its headed, China's Shanghai pullback. Where is the support?, the upward trend of Europe's STOXX 600 plus the new upside targets for Germany's DAX, France's CAC and Spain's IBEX.

The newsletter also covers the on-going bull advance in the U.S. markets, why the TSX is lagging so far behind (blame it on commodities), the best performing U.S. and Canadian sectors and what the leading indicators are saying.

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