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June 30, 2018. The July Newsletter and TS Model Growth Portfolio has now been posted.

This is the first page of the 19 page newsletter.

Topics in this month's research report are Commodities: U.S. dollar starts to apply pressure.  International Equities: Only a few countries look bullish.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: TSX leads major U.S. markets.  Breakouts!  Four stocks that are breaking through resistance levels and making new highs.

The report covers the near-term outlook for WTI and gold, where the U.S. dollar is expected to trade by year-end, the global markets that are still advancing, a review of the U.S. Yield Curve and what it says about the markets and the best performing sectors. 

In addition, the TS Model Growth Portfolio continues to outperform the S&P 500 (YoY) with an overweighting in technology, industrials and financials.  Latest numbers are posted.

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