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The September newsletter has been posted.

This is the first page of the 20-page September newsletter.

Topics in this month's research report are: Strategy: Bull market, good economics, deflation.  Commodities: Weaker prices on U.S. dollar breakout. International Equities: Only a few are advancing.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Bull market is on again! and Breakouts! Six stocks that are starting to advance.

The report covers the recent rise of the US$ and the affects on commodity prices, trade war blues and how its holding down most world markets, China's Shanghai new downside target, India's BSE is the star performer, Europe's indexes continue to stall and Australia's ASX heads for a new all-time high.

In addition, a review of the U.S. 10-year Treasury bonds, the renewed strength of deflationary stocks,  new targets for the NYSE, S&P 500, Dow, and NASDAQ.  The slow measured advance of the TSX, what sectors are outperforming and the closer look at the U.S. Yield Curve.

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