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The June 2019 newsletter has now been posted.

This is the first page of the 20 page newsletter.

Topics in this month's research report are: Strategy: Ongoing bull market, minor disruption, Commodities: Overall, not a great month for natural resources, International Equities: Trade war stalls secular bull market, U.S. & Canadian Equities: Trade tension weighs on markets, Breakouts!: Four stocks that are starting to run.

The newsletter also covers the increasing strength of deflationary assets over inflationary, Light crude oil's next downside target, price support for gold and silver, the US dollar index near term price peak, the weakness in emerging markets and price support levels for China's Shanghai. 

Additional topics are the on-going weakness in US Business confidence and Industrial production, a secular look at the NYSE and S&P 500 bull market, the TSX new trading range and four new breakout stocks (two in the TSX, two in NASDAQ).

For the full newsletter, go to, log-in and follow the links.  Enjoy.