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The November 2019 TS Model Portfolio report has now been posted.

This is the first page of the 10 page portfolio report.

YTD performance numbers for the TS Growth Portfolio to the end of October were 26.79%.  This is in comparison to 21.45% for the S&P 500, 15.10% for the TSX and 17.98% for the Vanguard Total World Stock Index.

Key points in this report are the continued performance of deflationary sectors over inflationary sectors, the current position of the U.S. Yield Curve and the updated targets for the S&P 500, NYSE, Dow and NASDAQ in 2020.

The TS Income Portfolio has made two changes to its holdings over the last month.  These adjustments have now increased the overall portfolio dividend yield to 7.34%.

For the complete report, go to, login and follow the links to the November 2019 report.