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The April 2020 Technical Speculator Newsletter has now been posted

These two pages are the first of the 20 page newsletter.

Topics in this month's research report are: Commodities: Oil prices take a big hit, International Equities: Deep drops, oversold markets, U.S. & Canadian Equities: Exaggerated 1987 correction.

The main focus on this newsletter is the immediate impact that the Coronavirus is having on commodities and equities, both international and domestic.

There are some constants. Deflationary assets continue to outperform inflationary assets.  The U.S. dollar remains the favourite safe-haven assets even above gold and markets move in tandem.  No one market has escaped the global correction.

The newsletter covers the crashing drop in oil prices in March and the expected path of the commodity this year, Gold's weakening stance, the world market that is the top performer (it will surprise you), the indicator that shows we are close to the bottom and a closer look at the U.S. economics.  Which sectors are holding-up and which are being hit the hardest.

The newsletter also looks at likely support levels for the NYSE, S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq and the TSX.

To view the full 20 page report, go to, login and follow the links.