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The June 2021 Newsletter has now been posted

The attached page is the first two pages of the complete 23 page June Newsletter.

Topics in this month research report are: Commodities: Super cycle peaked around 2011.  International Equites: Upward performance continues.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Strong advance expected in Q3.  Breakouts!: Six new stocks that are advancing to new highs.

The newsletter covers the compelling data that highlights the Super Cycle in commodities, the near term outlook for the S&P GSCI Commodity Index, the key resistance level for WTI, projected gasoline prices in Q3, Gold's expected target price, the US dollar's important support level, the powerful bullish trend of global equities, South Korea tops 90-day performance, the stalling is over for India's BSE, Europe's indexes continue to run and Australia's ASX retests the all-time high, again. 

Additional research covers the US equity markets, the outlook in Q3 for the US 10yr T-bond yields, the inflation spike in the US economy, the Dow shows it strength with the best 90-day performance, secular outlooks for the NYSE, S&P 500 and TSX and the top performing sectors over the last 90-days. 

Plus six new breakout stocks that ready to run.

For the complete June Newsletter, go to, log-in and follow the links to the latest research report.