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The November 2021 TS Newsletter and TS Model Portfolios have now been posted.

This page is the first three pages of the 23 page November research report.

Topics is this month's newsletter are: Commodities: Recovering yields aid energy & metals.  International Equities: Rebounding begins.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Into the sweet spot.  Breakouts!: Four new stocks that are moving through key resistance levels.

The newsletter covers the positive affect that rising US bond yields have on most commodity prices, the near-term target for WTI, gold's outlook going into Q1/22, the global equity market, another new all-time high for India's BSE Index, Australia's ASX starts to trend higher again and Italy's and Mexico's index set to rise higher by year-end.

Additional research focuses on the positive outlook on US equity markets, the expected upward kick from the Q3 earnings and the Santa Claus rally, greed comes running back into the markets (that's a good thing), the projected target for the US 10yr T-bond yields, new highs are greeting all major markets and the top performing sectors in the US and Canada (one industry group stands out).  

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