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February 1, 2022: The TS Model Portfolios report has now been posted

The highlights of this month's report is a look at some major market forces, inflation trends, the rising price of oil and the impact all of these issues have on the markets.

The YTD performance of the TS Growth Portfolio is on par with the major markets.  The growth portfolio is down -4.40%.  This compares to the S&P 500, which has declined by -5.28%.  The TSX has the best YTD performance at -0.59%.  The Vanguard World Index is down by -4.21%.

The TS Models Income Portfolio has performed the best with +1.12%.  The average dividend yield is still an impressive 6.75%.

For the full 10 page report, go to, login, and follow the links to the February TS Models Portfolios.