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July 31, 2022: The August Technical Speculator Newsletter and TS Model Portfolio Report have now been posted

These pages the first three pages of the 24 page newsletter.

Topics in this month's research report are: Commodities: Short-term stall ending soon.  International Equities: Waiting for a rebound.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Some positives and inverted curves.  Breakouts!  Six stocks that moving to new highs.

The analysis looks at the tight correlation between US 10-year T-bond yields and commodity prices, and what we can expect in Q3.  WTI prices stabilizing under $125, surging NatGas prices, and the next upside target, the breakdown of gold and silver, and the rising US dollar.  Where is the next target?

The newsletter looks at global equity indexes.  The positive outlook for the DJW index in Q3,  Japan's Nikkei, China's Shanghai bounce hits a wall, most European equity indexes continue to decline,  UK's FTSE 100 shines, Brazil's Bovespa reaches a new 2-year low, and Australia's ASX violates a 2-year upward trend.

The research also covers some positives developments in the US markets (cash levels, put/call ratio, and inflation expectations),  the inverted US Yield Curve and what that means,  the best (out of a very rough quarter) performing equity index, the CDN Yield Curve (very inverted), bonds (UST) are outperforming stocks (SPX), the major indexes land on key support, and sector strength stays with energy and safe havens for another month.

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