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The October 2022 newsletter has now been posted

This page is the first three pages of the 24-page October newsletter.

Topics in this month's research report are: Commodities: Advancing $USD pounds commodities.  International Equities: Weakening trends greet Q4.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Inverted US yield curve ends bull market.

The analysis covers the rising US dollar and its impact on natural resource prices, WTI's outlook into year-end, natural gas shows a positive probability in Q4, gold and silver prices continue to show no price support, copper prices set for a retest of the July low,  global equities indexes break below key support levels as bear market reality sinks in, Japan's Nikkei takes the only positive 90-day performance spot,  China's Shanghai shows no love from investors, South Korea's Seoul index continues to decline on US dollar strength, European indexes turn largely negative and Australia's ASX rolls over and starts to decline.

The Fed's need to control inflation tips the scale from bull to bear for investors, US yield curve inversion now hits 10 weeks guarantying a recession, food inflation shows no peak in prices, Canada's yield curve is more inverted than the US, Nasdaq takes the top spot in 90-day performance, the NYSE, Dow breaks key support levels in intensifying decline and the TSX is still clinging to the 18,000, for now. 

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