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The November Newsletter has now been posted

This page is the first three pages of the 24-page November newsletter

Topics in this month's research report are: Commodities: US dollar pressure cuts commodity runs.  International Equities: A bear market is coming.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Inverted yield curve troubles ahead. Breakout!  Six stocks that are starting to run.

The analysis covers the outlook for WTI to year-end, the new downside target for gold, the dismal look at industrial metals into Q1, the upside run in the US dollar is not finished, global equities continue to receive no love, emerging markets see more downside pressure, the best performing world index over the last 90 days, Hong Kong's Hang Seng hits a new low, European indexes fail to rise and Australia's ASX finds a short-term floor.  

The Newsletter also covers the weakening trend of US equities, the US yield curve stays inverted and what that means for the markets, US inflation models show some relief in 2023, Canada's yields curve is also inverted, the path of the NYSE (its not good), the SPX finds price support, for now, a measured bounce in November for the TSX, S&P sector strength picks up and the sector performance for the TSX remains mixed. 

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