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The April 2023 Technical Speculator Newsletter has now been posted.

These three pages are the first of the 24-page April newsletter

Topics in this month's research report are: Strategy: A change is coming.  Commodities: Recession fears mount.  International Equities: Q2 price weakness expected.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Transition phase.

This month's analysis focuses on the elements of the market's transition.  Strategy discusses the signs of a mature market and events expected in Q2.  In Commodities, we look at the weakening trend of WTI and natural gas, the new price ceiling for gold, and the US dollar's new upside target. 

In International Equities, we review the trends of global equity indexes and highlight some challenges ahead, the best-performing world indexes, Europe's rebound, Hong Kong's failed rally, the downward slide of Brazil's Bovespa, and the 26 world economies that have inverted yield curves.

The U.S. and Canadian section focuses on the Q2 transition, the US Gov't T-bond yields, the best-performing markets over the last 90 days, NYSE failed rally (bull trap just closed), the expected pullback for US markets in Q2, Nasdaq's struggle to rise continues,  the TSX price ceiling, and the upward run in the tech sector, thanks to the cresting bond yields.

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