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The June 2023 TS Model Portfolio report has now been posted

Highlights in this month's report are a review of the inflationary cycle, and what can be expected moving forward. We review some of the features of that movement and how long it should persist, based on similar market action over the last 75 years.

Our model Growth Portfolio is underperforming the benchmark S&P 500 by about 8%.  This is due to our market outlook in Q1 of a likely market correction.  Rising inflation and interest rates plus an inverted yield curve were contributing to our 30% cash position in our growth portfolio. 

That correction did not develop.  Instead, the S&P 500 posted a strong performance in Q1 and Q2.  The YTD performance of the US equity index is 8.86%. 

The performance of the TS Income Portfolio is down 4.32% YTD.  The average dividend yield is 9.71%.