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The August 2023 Technical Speculator Newsletter has now been posted

These three pages are the first of the 25-page August Technical Speculator Newsletter

Topics in this month's research report are Commodities: Price weakness remains, except for one.  International Equities: Positive outlook for Q3 continues.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: NYSE & Dow finally breakout. Breakout! Two promising stocks that are breaking to key levels.

This month's research report looks at the headwinds facing commodities and the one natural resource breaking the trend, gold's broad containment, the weakening trend for industrial metals, the major breakout of global market indexes, the top-performing world indexes, the cap that hangs over China's Shanghai, Europe's continued advance, Brazil's Bovespa peaks out, again and Australia's  ASX nears a breakout by late Q3. 

The newsletter also covers the improving performance of the NYSE and the Dow, the big change in breadth, our indicators are pointing to extreme greed, yields curve inversion for the US and Canada continues, US 10yr bonds are bottoming.  Is this good? Nasdaq takes the crown again in 90 performance, and the TSX struggles to pass 21,000.

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