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The December 2023 Newsletter has now been posted

Here are the first three pages of the 26-page December Newsletter

Topics in this month's research report are Commodities: Under pressure.  International Equities: Rebounding. U.S. & Canadian Equities: Greed has returned to the market.  Breakout!  Six new breakout stocks.

In the commodity section, we review the outlook of commodity prices into Q1, gold's near-term target price, the US dollar's new downside target, the jump in global markets, and who is outperforming and underperforming.  Emerging markets and the dollar rollover, European indexes rebounded, Brazil's market finally broke out, and Australia's ASX reversed course.

US markets turn from fear to greed, yield curve inversion continues as Treasury yields narrow, and the Dow leads in 90-day performance with only a 2.00% gain. Stocks break above bonds, clear sailing for the S&P 500 until 4850, and Canada's TSX remains contained under 20,750.  And finally, the slow rise in the US Unemployment Rate has a lesson for the S&P 500.

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