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The April 2024 Newsletter has now been posted

These three pages are the first of the 23-page April Newsletter.

Topics in this month's research report are: Commodities: Increasing performance.  International Equities: More breakouts as bull market continues.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Overbought, minor warning signs. Breakouts! highlights two commodity stocks. 

In the commodity section, the S&P Commodity Index (GTX) has broken out. The Livestock sector followed by Precious Metals have the best 90 day performance,  WTI continues to remain contained, gold prices have broken out, but too far, too fast.  The US dollar continues to track the US 10yy.  Lower levels for both are expected. 

The long-term view of the Dow Jones Global Index remains positive with higher levels in Q2,  Japan's Nikkei has the best 90 day performance.  Emerging markets ETF (EEM) continues to be capped with strong $USD.  Europe's equity indexes come to life with multiple breakouts.

Rising Put/Call ratio suggest the market is shifting to bearish puts, US unemployment rate begins to rise.  What that means to the stock market.  Overbought on the NYSE, SPX, Dow, Nasdaq and TSX suggests a change of trend is coming, 

Sector strength points to mature market industries with financials outperforming technology.

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