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The June 2024 Newsletter has now been posted.

These are the first four pages of the 26-page June newsletter

Topics in this month's research report are: Commodities: Metals still dominate.  International Equities: Short-term pause, then higher levels.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Primary trends continue to advance.  Breakouts!  Four stocks that are now smashing through key resistance levels.

The highlights from this month's report cover WTI prices still locked trading band, Gold's recent rally has more legs, copper prices head to a soft patch, and the US dollar stays aligned with US 10-year T-bond yields.

Global equity markets are set for a short-term pause in June, 28 world economies still have inverted yield curves (including the US and Canada), emerging markets finally get a lift, thanks to the DXY, Japan's Nikkei starts to run again, European economics are dismal, but investors don't care.  New highs greet most indexes.

US market breadth still shines, the Put/Call Ratio jumps to calls as fear leaves the SPX, US unemployment keeps rising and what implies for the S&P 500, the movement in WTI forecasts the trend in Treasury yields (who would have know?), the primary trends for the NYSE, S&P 500 and TSX is solidly up.  And finally, sector performance remains investors that the bull market is very mature.

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