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the July 2024 Newsletter has now been posted.

Here are the first three pages of the 26-page July Newsletter.

In this month's research report are: Commodities: Weaker patch in mid-year.  International Equities: upward trend continues into Q3.  U.S. & Canadian Equities: Mid-year weakness Q3/Q4 strength.  Breakout! Four new stocks that breaking to new highs.

The main points in this month's report are the dance between the GTX Commodity Index and the US 10yy T-bonds, metals continue to be best performing, the global equity index (DJW) breaking out to a new all-time high cementing the bull trend, Japan's Nikkei takes the top 90-day performing spot, and the emerging markets ETF (EEM) finally breaks out after 17 months on US dollar weakness.

In the US market, the rise of the unemployment rate has a solid record for the bears. Every increase has produced a lower level for the SPX.  Nasdaq jumps to the front, again, in 90-day performance. The NYSE, Dow hit a weaker patch, the SPX is now overbought, and consolidation continues for the TSX.

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