TS Model Growth Portfolios

The Technical Speculator (TS) Model Growth Portfolios are designed as a 'do-it-yourself' investment vehicle which allows the subscriber to follow our investment approach. The portfolios are theoretical models only. The style is a top-down selection process using a technical/fundamental mixture methodology. It is designed to provide investors with a straight forward investment approach to security selection that offers diversification, sector-specific allocation, ease of tracking and growth potential.

Diversification and sector-specific allocation is achieved mainly through the exchange traded funds (ETFs). These securities are comprised of a basket of related stocks within a focused sector.

Ease of tracking is established by using up to eight equally weighted securities within each model portfolio. Though this number may seem low, the underling equities in each ETF greatly make up for the apparent small number.

By using only eight securities in each portfolio, tracking any changes in performance, value and trend can be achieved simply and efficiently which gives the portfolio a great advantage in performance.

Since inception, in mid-2003, both the Canadian and US-dollar portfolios have averaged about 12% per year.

These theoretical Exchange Traded Fund driven portfolios are available with $CDN dollar securities and with $USD securities.
Both portfolios utilize a top-down, macro economics and relative strength format. Since inception in mid-2003, the Canadian and U.S. dollar portfolios have averaged over 12% per year.

All performance numbers are based on security returns before dividends. Reinvesting the dividends would add an additional 2% to 3% to the total return.

Performance numbers for the Canadian dollar portfolio have been:
2003 - +23.84%
2004 - +29.19%
2005 - +49.59%
2006 - +28.79%
2007 - (2.81)%
2008 - (20.46)%
2009 - +22.27%
2010 - +3.40%
2011 - (5.64%)
2012 - (0.17%)
2013 - +1.95%
2014 - (2.71%) The CDN and U.S. Portfolios merged into one portfolio

Performance numbers for the U.S. dollar portfolio have been:
2003 - +21.90%
2004 - +20.47%
2005 - +23.32%
2006 - +31.19%
2007 - +16.25%
2008 - (10.97%)
2009 - +37.90%
2010 - (3.46%)
2011- (20.53%)
2012 - (6.72%)
2013 - +44.29%
2014 - (2.71%) the CDN and U.S. Portfolios merged into one portfolio
2015 - (2.19%)
2016 - +7.40%
2017 - +12.18%
2018 - (6.57%)
2019 - +26.81%
The 16.5-year average return has been 11.95%.
The 16.5-year average return of the S&P 500 is 6.87%.

All analysis and explanations of any changes to the model portfolios will be reported in the monthly TS Model Portfolio report to subscribers as they occur.

The annual cost for 12 monthly reports and email alters to any changes to the portfolios is $105.00.

As with all portfolios, past performance is no assurance or promise of future returns. The TS Model Growth Portfolios are theoretical models only.
TS Model Growth Portfolios updates, buys and sells and performance data will be sent out through emails to subscribers. A complete chart review of the holdings in both portfolios is also included in the monthly report.